Friday, August 1, 2014

The Day of Writing Frenziedly

I have a cold. Or possibly a sinus infection. Whatever it is, it has me coughing and streaming and spitting up gobs of nastiness everywhere, so I am compelled to stay home from work, because for some reason gobs of nastiness are frowned upon in the world of cherry sorters. (Who knew, right?)

Ordinarily, I would embrace this excellent excuse to spend the entire day lying in bed. Unfortunately, this is the second day I have been ill. I staggered home yesterday after only four hours of work, and proceeded to spend the next four hours lying comatose in bed. This, combined with the blessed eight hours of sleep I got last night, meant that by 7:00 this morning I was ready to be ANYWHERE but in bed. So I got up, saw my cousins and my sister off to work, then sat down at the computer.

I can only describe what happened next as a sort of manic frenzy. I scoured the internet for ANYTHING even vaguely related to picture book revision and queries. I chopped and smashed and foamed at the mouth and when it was all over, I had a complete second draft of CECILY'S MONSTER and a solid first draft of my query.

And, oh, yeah, a pounding headache. Because in all my frenzy to get this done, I had totally forgotten to eat.

So I trudged off to take care of some of the more pressing needs of my mortal frame (a toilet, a shower, and a granola bar, in that order) and then off to bed I went. And then I wrote a blog post for the first time in almost a year.

Maybe I should get sick more often.

(Or maybe not, because I am now indulging in a manic-frenzy-anxiety attack over EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WRITTEN BECAUSE IT'S ALL GARBAGE AND AAAAAHH. I think I need a sedative. Or at least some cold medicine. Sheesh.)

(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHURGLE *shoots self in arm with chamomile tea* *passes out* *the end*)