I began writing when I was eleven years old, and was predictably terrible. Four years, several failed starts, and one completed first draft later, I was … not bad. Okay, I was still pretty bad. But I persevered! I began to revise the first draft. I realized that revision is HARD. I wrote another first draft. I wrote ANOTHER first draft.

I realized I had to quit writing first drafts.

Flash forward two years, and I'm slogging determinedly through revision of my YA/NA touched-with-paranormal romance, tentatively titled RAINDROPS ON THE PAVEMENT. Revision is still hard, but it's becoming gradually less hard.

I also took a leap out of my comfort zone and wrote a picture book, CECILY'S MONSTER, which is currently agent-hunting. (Speaking of things that are hard? Picture books. OH, THE HORROR.)

Oh, and I also blog. Here. Occasionally.

Until next time. :)

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